Advantage Conference 2024


Bruce Cotterill

The best Leaders dont shout! “I BELIEVE THAT ATHLETES ARE OFTEN BORN, BUT LEADERS ARE MADE” Bruce is devoted to inspiring and empowering leaders and managers to become better leaders. A big part of his motivation is to see businesses being better run, people with more meaningful careers making a real contribution to the companies they work for, and customers getting better service outcomes. “If you think about the skills of the leader, they include the ability to communicate, clarity of thought, planning skills, people skills, orientation to duty, high integrity and trustworthiness. These are all learned skills that come with experience. No-one is born with that stuff and very few of us gets it right every time. Building these capabilities is a function of upbringing, education, experience and the other lessons that life throws at us.”

John Hale

THE FUTURE IS INCONVENIENT - START NOW BY CREATING A STRATEGIC MINDSET Sixty years ago, the life of a top 500 company was 60 years. Today that lifespan is 12 years. Globally 75% of firms fail in 3 years, and 96% fail within a decade. Despite this, today 76% of leaders don't make time to do strategy, and 67% don't have the strategic mindset needed. For leaders without a strategic mindset, the future will always be inconvenient. John will help future-proof your leaders with a presentation that surprises and delights. He will unpack the steps needed to create a Strategic Mindset. Leaders in your business can learn to build future perspectives, navigate in the era of disruption and allocate resources strategically.

James Castrission

Adventurer | Keynote speaker | Entrepreneur | Leadership Consultant James holds two Guinness World Records for his accomplishments and is highly regarded as one of Australia’s premier corporate motivational public speakers. His bestselling books Crossing the Ditch and Extreme South cover his world-first journeys; kayaking from Australia to New Zealand and travelling unsupported to the South Pole. As a business keynote speaker, James shares the unbelievable stories of his adventures and inspires audiences to set their own goals of greatness.

Andrew Gill - Conference MC

Andrew Gill renowned for his energy, intelligence and quick wit returns as our conference MC for 2023.
Andrew has extensive experience working with clients on Business Events, Gala Award Dinners, Conferences, Product and Media Launches. His trademark style is bright, energetic and informed, enabling high level engagement with audiences and on stage presenters alike.