Advantage Conference 2024


  • Date: Monday, 8 May
  • Time: 7:30am to 2pm
  • Location: Parkerville Children & Youth Campus, Perth, WA

Buses Leaving from Crown @ approx 7am (30 min transfer)
Buses will return to Crown from 2pm

Charity Home Page

Charity Overview
A Self Funded Charity centre focused on providing care and training for children suffering from abuse. A semi-rural site, consisting of several buildings used for housing, training and support of children/youths in the greater Perth area. Built in the 1920’s and relying solely on donations & private support. The accommodation is maintained to ensure a safe environment for children but other areas are in various stages of disrepair.

Project Details:
The focus of the proposed charitable event would be to refurbish their main tiring building and reception site “Rosemary Cottage” A large multi-roomed building in the centre of the facility

  • Repaint external/ internal areas
  • Resurface/oil external verandah floors
  • Replace existing fluorescent lighting (internal) with energy efficient lighting
  • Replace ceiling fans in the small study room & add new in the main study area
  • Install split system air conditioning unit in Kitchen
  • Check/Update wiring & switchboard (tripping in wet weather)
  • Install external lighting under the verandah
  • Install Security flood lighting into building surrounds
  • Possible opportunity for a Solar PV system
  • Review/update plumbing and fixtures in kitchen & toilet areas
  • Reticulate waterpoint to the proposed new nursery area
  • Review servicing or replacing aging hot water service and drinking fountain
  • Review guttering & drainage

Reticulate water for external garden areas


Looking back on Taskforce 2022...
Our Electrical & Plumbing Network has a strong heritage of giving back to the local communities. In 2022 we continued this tradition, with some fantastic works and upgrades completed for a very worthy local charity in Port Douglas.

Over 60 delegates volunteered their skills and expertise to The Port Douglas Community Service Network to provide much needed upgrades to their Port Douglas Community Centre facilities.
Please use the link below to register for Taskforce 2023.

*A reminder to please arrive a day before Taskforce date to ensure your attendance.