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Wednesday 22nd June

Our Electrical & Plumbing Network has a strong heritage of giving back to the local communities as part of our annual Conference events. In 2022 we continue this tradition, with some fantastic works and upgrades planned for a very worthy local charity in Port Douglas. The labour and materials supplied in this project will deliver much-needed improvements and enhancements to this hub of the community. This Taskforce day will be a rewarding and memorable experience for the many Members, Suppliers and Group staff that are able to attend and participate.

Taskforce: 2022 Conference Event in Port Douglas, QLD

  • Confirmed Taskforce Charity Project in Port Douglas: Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre
    • Two Buildings including a Family Hub & Op Shop
    • Charity provides emergency relief and advice for over 1700 local people in the area
    • Charity objective is to relieve poverty, stress & misfortune
  • Have been in dialogue with the Port Douglas Mayor, Local MP’s, Local Radio Stations and O’Brien Members in FNQ
  • Local O’Brien Glass Branch to be included in the project scoping to see if there are any opportunities in this area (building glass, mirrors etc)
Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre
Potential works include;
  • Data Communications Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Solar PV – 20Kw System
  • LED Lighting Upgrade – ROI Power Savings
  • Switchgear Upgrades & Replacements
  • Drainage Upgrade – Flooding
  • Upgrading Guttering and Downpipes
  • Glass Screens – Enclose Verandah
  • Security Lighting – Outdoor LED floodlighting
  • Plumbing Preventative Maintenance – Tap Washers
  • General – Cleaning, Gardening & Painting
Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre Exterior

Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre

The port Douglas Community Service Network offers three distinct support programs: The Neighbourhood Centre, The Child & Parent Support Program, and The NicNak Shed with the mission to nurture the existing strengths and future well-being of the community, to relieve poverty, distress and misfortune, and to support and advocate for our local community with a priority for those with limited opportunities and choices. If you want to know more about the centre, please visit:

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Taskforce 2018

Port Douglas Community Services Network